How Does a Chiropractor "Adjust" My Spine?

"An adjustment," as doctors of chiropractic use the term, means the specific manipulation of vertebrae which are slightly displaced or fail to function normally. These are the vertebrae that are causing a disturbance to the nervous system and interfering with normal nerve supply.
Doctors of chiropractic spend countless hours learning palpation(the art of examining by touch)and spinal examining procedures in order to administer a specific spinal adjustment. Considerable skill and dexterity are required to become proficient in the art of chiropractic.

If you remember the premise of chiropractic-that many ills come about as a result of improper nerve supply-you will understand why your doctor will do everything he can to restore proper nerve function to your body.
For this reason, the primary treatment will be specific vertebral adjustments or "manipulations." as they are area of your spine and nervous system that may affect the area of your complaint. The adjustment is usually given by hand. It consists of placing the patient on a specially designed adjusting table and then applying pressure, using specialized techniques, to the areas of the spine that are out of proper alignment or that do not move properly within their normal range of motion. There are many varied techniques which are effectively employed by your doctor of chiropractic, and the specific procedure to be used will be determined following a careful evaluation of your radiographs and physical findings.
The experience of your doctor in manipulative procedures will determine the type of manipulation and the frequency with which you will be manipulated. The number of treatments required by any particular patient varies enormously.


"This articles from introduction to chiropractic by Louis sportelli D.C." 




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