What Is CRA

Contact Reflex Analysis is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the  body's structural, metabolic,and nutritional needs. It is not a method of diagnosis. It is a means by which a doctor uses the body's reflexes to accurately determine the root cause of a health problem. Research has proven that the human body is electrical. The heart produces electricity and the brain stores electricity.

The brain also sends electrical impulses down thousands of miles of nerves in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. These nerves feed every organ, gland, and cell in the body. It is also known that the nerve endings store dopamine, a nerve endings store dopamine, a neurotransmitter that Dopamine is secreted when an electrical nerve impulse strikes the nerve ending.

The nervous system is similar to the electrical wiring in a house. If proper amounts of electricity are flowing without interruption to the various parts of the house there is no problem. As soon as there is a power surge or too many appliances drawing electricity at one time, a breaker blows. All electricity shuts down on that specific circuit and the house is dark. It is the same with the human body.

On a healthy body electricity flows to every area and feeds it the energy it needs to function.
When you use CRA to test the reflexes of each area, the testing arm, which is like the circuit breaker switch, will remain strong. There is no interruption of nerve energy. However, if one area of the body becomes body's electrical system to "blow a breaker". The testing arm will become weak and drop when the affected area is
tested. To prove to yourself and others that the body is electrical try this very simple test. On the bridge of the nose, directly between the eyes is a reflex called the Polarity Reflex. following figure.

This is the body's chimney which continually gives off excess electricity that the brain releases. Test this reflex on someone by having them hold their arm out parallel to the floor, elbow locked. Exert downward pressure on their arm over the wrist area. Do not try to over power the person, but get a general idea on the strength of their arm. Now touch the Polarity Reflex with the tip of your index finger and press down on the wrist again. The person's arm will suddenly become weak and they cannot resist downward pressure.

If a person does not have an electrical Polarity Reflex it means there is something lacking in the body that is inhibiting the brain from releasing optimal electricity energy. If a person does not have an electrical Polarity Reflex they cannot test or be tested. They just do not have enough electricity. Contact Reflex Analysis also uses applied nutrition to treat the cause. As a doctor you will not treat disease.

You will not treat symptoms. Instead you will treat the whole patient and whatever caused the patient's body to become so terribly sick. Thousands of case studies have proven that no disease is an entity by itself. It is a complex combination of different problems such as nerve interference, poor body nutrition, chemicals, food additives, pesticides in the food, water, and air, abnormal life styles,and the stress of everyday life . The human body is a beautiful combination of systems, each unique in their own function, but unable to tolerate without the support of the others. Your task is to keep the patient's whole body in harmonious working order.

This task is called preventive medicine. Do not wait until the body begins to have serious problems. Use CRA to find and correct problems while they are still minor.
Keep the body aligned structurally and feed the body nutritionally. You will be a good doctor if you can get extremely sick people well, but you will be an exceptional doctor if you treat them as a whole person and keep them well.



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