History Of CRA

Dr. Versendaal attended Palmer Chiropractic College from 1956-1959 .His Knowledge of nutrition expanded into the field of clinical nutrition.when he set up his first practice in Redlands, California.
Dr. Parker shared his knowledge of nutrition as well as his library of writings by a dentist named Dr. Royal Lee.Dr. Versendaal studied the notes and research findings of this genius doctor, inventor and nutritional reseacher, and applied this knowledge to his practice. He began research on matching
nutrition with specific syndromes.

Dr.Versendaal began to attend seminars on Kinesiology given by Dr. George Goodheart. At one of these seminars Dr. Johnston, a mentor of Dr. Goodheart, gave th lecture in his place. He taught reflexology of the mouth and demonstrated how to stimulate and test reflexes that correlated with all of the organs of the body.

Harry Eidenier, Sr. then suggested that he research to find any correlation between the nutritional supplements and the reflexes. CRA is now practiced by health professionals in many different fields. They include but are not limited to medical doctors, chiropractors, clinical nutritionists, optometrists, dentists, and veterinarians. There are CRA practitioners all over the United States, and it has spread to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Africa and Japan.



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