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I am a new breed of doctor who treats each patient as a whole person. I do not only treat symptoms, I treat the cause.
I analyze the patient's body both metabolic, structural and nutritional deficiencies. Because of this my patients get well and stay well". Repeat this motto to yourself several times per day,until it becomes a standard mind set .This may seem like an obvious mind set for any doctor.

However,if you take a look at our health profession today there are specialists for everything. Whatever happened to the family doctor who took care of everything? Specialists do not usually treat the patient as a whole. They obviously treat what they specialize in.

To a cardiologist the patient is only a heart. To an optometrist the patient is only eyes. To a chiropractor the patient is only a spine. To a dentist the patient is only a mouth. Each one treats the patient's symptom. The cardiologist may do bypass surgery, the optometrist may fit the patient with glasses, the chiropractor may give an adjustment and the dentist may fill a tooth.

The ironic thing about all this is that in most cases the cause has never been treated. The problems will keep reoccurring until the cause has been corrected. A patient's arteries may again become blocked. The doctor should ask why. A continue to subluxate. The doctor should ask why. The patient continues to have severe tooth decay. The doctor should ask why. Always begin by testing the patient's polarity reflex. This will let you know if your patient is testable, and if they have a positive or negative flow of electricity.

Have your patient hold their arm out parallel to the floor,elbow locked. Place your hand on the patients extended wrist and exert a downward pressure. You do not need to overpower the person, but only get a general idea of their actual strength. Now touch the Polarity Reflex with the (-) ulnar side of your fingers or hand. With your other hand press down on your patient's extended arm. If the arm drops the patient has a negative polarity. This is unusual because the normal flow of electricity is positive. In this case the doctor himself probably has a negative polarity. This needs to be reversed for optimal testing results.

See the section on the Polarity Reflex for nutritional treatment. If a patient has a negative polarity he should follow the suggested nutritional treatment. You can still continue in the sequence to test for structural, metabolic and nutritional deficiencies. Keep in mind that if your flow of electricity is positive and your patient's is negative, your results will be opposite of those indicated. For example, if a patient's atlas is electrical anteriorly, adjust the atlas posteriorly. If the patient has a (-) Pancreas Reflex, treat for a (+) Pancreas Reflex. In summary, CRA is a wonderful new approach to living and exploring the intimate relationship between man and his environment. Discovering the key to health lies within the patient, rather than through some external source.

Health is not merely the absence of disease, but also a state of harmony and well-being that permeate severy cell of the body and mind.

The human body is the most exquisite chemical plant in nature. It was created with an innate intelligence.This innate intelligence mirrors the natural, vibrant colors that exude from an inspired and spirited body.

Innate provides us with a potential force for well-being. If you envision a "colorful" person, they are not only healthy in body, but also in mind and spirit. Some people may have healthy looking bodies, but have somber, negative attitudes. This is not a colorful personality, nor is it a healthy personality. We were created to be vibrant,colorful human beings in all ways. The CRA training course offers health care providers the opportunity to explore and understand this exciting new knowledge.

You can shape the future of patient management, meet the challenge of change by using dramatic new techniques which will give you the experience to meet the competition head on with far reaching ideas.


Dr.Versendaal began to attend seminars on Kinesiology given by Dr. George Goodheart. At one of these seminars Dr. Johnston, a mentor of Dr. Goodheart, gave th lecture in his place. He taught reflexology of the mouth and demonstrated how to stimulate and test reflexes that correlated with all of the organs of the body.

Harry Eidenier, Sr. then suggested that he research to find any correlation between the nutritional supplements and the reflexes. CRA is now practiced by health professionals in many different fields. They include but are not limited to medical doctors, chiropractors, clinical nutritionists, optometrists, dentists, and veterinarians. There are CRA practitioners all over the United States, and it has spread to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Africa and Japan




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