CRA Is Accurate

A great degree of accuracy is possible with CRA. It will even uncover deficiencies at a sub-clinica l level; that is when the problem is so tiny that the person may not be aware of it, and many modern methods of testing cannot detect it.

Until CRA, the methods for determining the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs were costly, time consuming and at times frightening. The only method of determining a nutritional need was by a person's symptoms, expensive lab work, and the Health Care Professional's knowledge of biochemistry, physiology, and nutrition.

An educated guess was made. Now with CRA, the educated guess is no longer necessary.
CRA is the finest natural method of guiding the Health Care Professional to the root of the
problem. With CRA, the Health Care Professional is also able to prove to the patient that the source of the problem has been located, and that the proper nutritional support and/or structural procedure has been given.



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