CASE 1
    Name :   yoon  young
          Age    :  31  
          sex    : Male

       1)  Symptom History
    Main complaints are Tinnitus, eye pain, neck stiffness, indigestion, chronic fatigue, TMJ pain, so he visited oriental   medicine but it does not effective so refered to our clinic

       2) Tooth model

        3) TMJ  X-Ray   


       4 ) Result   of  Treatment
     After one month all symptoms are disappeared  like,Tinnitus, eye pain, indigestion, chronic fatigue,  TMJ pain,neck stiffness .

    CASE 2
    Name : Kim  hyung
    Age     : 26
          Sex     : Male 

    1)  Symptom History1
          He has history of sudden impact of jaw in Aug.8,1993. but that time no pain, so he does      not tryany treatment,but after few month, he suffer TMJ pain, severe headache , dull pain, ear      pain , eye pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, shaking head, He try to treat with oriental clinic, but it      does not effective so refered in our clinic.
    2) Tooth Model

     3) TMJ  X-Ray

     4) Results of Treatment
    There  disappeared  severe headache, neck pain,TMJ pain,dull pain of ear,eye pain, posterior nasal drip, reduce shoulder pain, shaking head , after one week treatment.

    CASE 3
    Name : yang won
       Age    :  32
       Sex    :  Male
      1)  Symptom History
    he has history  suffering   of  gastric  ulcer long period, irregular pulse & Heart        beat,Chronic fatigue,  Morning headache, numbness of sole, 
      2) Tooth Model

      3)  TMJ  X-Ray

     4) Result of Treatment
    1. Reduced chronic fatigue after 2 days.
            2. disappeared indigestion after 4 days.
            3.  disappeared  Tinnitus,eye pain dizziness.    


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