1) Place your a little finger inside of ear then perform your mouth close and open, then you check feeling a  little finger, there is nothing feeling is good for you, but you have any little compression of your a little finger means you might have TMJ problems.

 Fig from : New concepts in Craniomandibular and Chronic pain Management by Harold Gelb p.236
2) use of your both thumb, try to forward pushing just behind angle of mandible you should be no pain at all, or little pain both sides good  for you, if you have any pain either side of just behind angle of mandible, might be you have TMJ syndromes.

 Fig from New concepts in Craniomandibular and Chronic pain Management by Harold Gelb p.236
3) Try to swallow your saliva consequently 3 times you can't do it you are already little worsen your TMJ syndromes.
try to circle following question
If you have more than 10 circleof following question, you might be have TMJ syndromes  so you needed treatment,

 1. You have sometimes headache, migraine.
 2. You have sometimes stiffness of neck.
 3. Click on When your mouth open & close.
 4. Deviation of your mouth open & close.
 5. Sometimes"pop" noise feeling When your mouth open & close.
 6. Pain on large open your mouth.
 7. Bruxism.
 8. Sometime pain on the ears.
 9. Excessive wax formation.
10. Conductive hearing loss.
11. Tinnitus sometimes.
12. Blurred vision, reddish eyes.
13. Sensitivity of light (like camera light).
14. Post nasal drip.
15. Stiffness & pain on the shoulder.
16. Many pimple on the face and at the back.
17. Constipation.
18. Hard to breath too tight feeling heart.
19. Compression on the heart.
20. Mouth breathing is more comfortable when you laying down.
21. Low back pain sometimes.
22. Low back pain radiates to legs.
23. Pain when you are sit down long time in stiff chair.
24. Pain & hardness of calf muscles.
25. Cramps either on your legs &hand.
26. Tremble either on your legs &hand.
27. Feeling to your body Lean to one side.
28. Uneven hand &legs length.
29. Unbalanced walking.
30. Pain on the sole when you long distance walking.
31. Numbness feeling of hand & feets.
32. Tremble your eyelid.
33. Hard to wake up morning.
34. Easily get angry.
35 Depression sometimes.
37. Chronic tiredness.
38. Too much pain when heavy day.
39. Not so good my posture.
40. Easily get stress.
41. easily hurted your mind

IF you are 10 item involved above stmptoms you need diagnosis of TMJ



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