1. All malocclusion should be treat with properly
      2. If you have missing teeth should be replace at first
      3. Very dangerous chewing one side chewing should be chewing food both side
      4. If you have any car accident treat properly
      5. If you hit of your face treat right away
      6. Proper exercise & diet
    The dental distress resulting from maloccluded teeth, neuromuscular imbalance  and craniomandibular disorders greatly differs from almost all other stressors  affecting the human body, in that it is a constant unrelenting stress, always operable until the dentist intervenes. Although this stress is determinant in the  relativity of bodily structures, especially of the head, neck and upper torso, and  therefore exerts distress upon the total  person, it would be a gross error to think  that the removal of this stress factor is a  cure all, or that it is the only treatment     that is proper or necessary.
     It is a definite conclusion that excessive stress of dental origin produces a pattern  of far reaching effects.



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