The tempromandibular joint(TMJ) is a sliding and rotating ball & socket joint located just in front of ear. Its consists of the temporal bone (side of skull) and the mandible(lower jaw),  hence the named tempromandbular joint.

    The temporal bone is the keystone of cranium, it has several major foramina through which pass important vital structures. like Internal Acoustic Meatus, Foramen lacerum, Foramen for auditory tube, portion of jugular foramen, and total cranial nerve nine are in close proximity to the temporal bone. Spasm of the sternocloidomastoid, splenius capitus, longus capitus, and  digastric muscles will induce an internal temporal rotation. internal rotation of the temporal bone follows a movement that is directly opposite to that of external rotation the mastoid tips move inferiorly, anteriorly and laterally while the super border border  of the squma moves posteriorly and medially. The condyle compensates in an anterior and lateral position within fossa.  

     Common clinical symptoms attributed to temporal bone restriction are conductive hearing loss, disequilibrium, head pain, vagotonia,  motor eye dysfunction(strabismus), dyslexia, recurrent arm &shoulder pain syndromes.


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