TMJ treatment began by DR. Larzlo Schwartz of TMJ pain dysfunction in 1960 period.

     Later 1969, LASKIN is called MPD(Myofacial Pain Dysfunction) syndrome and 1970,  Dr.DR.W.B. Farrar properly study about TMJ problem, later DR. Harold Gelb founded  Gelb Craniomandibular Pain Center at the Tufts University School of Medicine USA  He invented MORA appliance then research with Chiropractor, MD, DMD, Ear Doctor, biologist, physical therapist, Osteopath, treat with headache ,low back pain, shoulder pain.  

      Dr.Aelred. C. Fonder founded concepts of DDS(Dental Distress Syndrome), he Treated head, shoulder pain, low back pain, hearing loss, bad posture, stomach problem, Gynecology disease, pakinson disease, 1977, Dr. John Witzig founded there is associated with malocclusion & TMJ then he teaches functional jaw orthodontic to the many Dentists.

    then Dr. Levandoski was invent called  "LOGIC ARTICULATOR" this can be move to jaw anteriorly & posteriorly right& left. and up & down. 1980, Dr. Gerald H. Smith was issued book  new concept of TMJ " CRANIAL DENTAL SACRAL COMPLEX" which technique is sing CRANIAL MOTION. he treated so many chronic illness like headache, low back pain,etc.



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