- from the Dental Distress Syndrome by A.C.FONDER,B.A., D.D.S.p.33
    *Jaw, ear, head and neck symptoms

    clicking and creaking noises on opening and closing the mouth; upper and lower jaw have too extensive a range of movement on opening and can lock open forward of joint; pain or tenderness of the jaw joint; numbness of and around the teeth; limited ability to open and close mouth; pain in teeth mimicking toothache; evidence of clenching or grinding teeth such as worn areas on teeth; gum disease, dry mouth,
    burning sensation  on tongue and in mouth; puffy and distended lips; ropy saliva; calculus deposits

    excess wax in ears; itching; subjective ear noises; earaches; dizziness; sensation of falling; conductive hearing loss

      Head and neck
    headache, including migraine; sensitive scalp; neurologic pains; ache and tiredness in nape of neck and shoulders
    Respiratory symptoms
    Sinus and throat postnasal drip; habitual clearing of throat; sinusitis; chronic colds; laryngitis; chronic sore throat or tonsillitis; sneezing; hay fever; asthma

     Eye symptoms
    inflammation; inflammation of the iris; sensitivity to light; blurred vision; itching; burning; tearing;muscle twitching below the eye

    *Skin and hair symptoms

      Skin--dry; chronic rashes; dermatitis; acne
    Hair--dry and brittle; hair loss

    *Gastrointestinal symptoms
    upset stomach; heartburn; gas; nausea; constipation; diarrhea; bladder infections; kidney ingestions

    *Gynecological symptoms
    irregular menstrual cycle; premenstrual tension; premenstrual or midmenstrual cramps and pain;excessive menstrual flow;amenorrhea; frigidity; history of miscarriages of inability of conceive
    *General symptoms
    chronic tiredness; increased nervous tension; malaise; restless sleep; numbness of hands; cold hands and feet; back and leg aches; thirst; lowered hemoglobin in blood; lowered thyroid activity

    *Mental symptoms
    depression; irritation; worry; melancholia; hypochondria; excessive nightmares; forgetfulness

    *Body-posture problems
    curvature of the spine and spine and other spinal irregularities; uneven shoulder height; head tilted toward elevated shoulder; pelvis rotated for ward on one side; uneven leg length; rounding of shoulders.



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