1)  Why produce facial pain &tension type headache ?
      - There are numerous Nerves, blood vessel, lymph node, ganglion's located in TMJ           area.  You can surprised  to seefollowing picture. 


 * Atlas  of Human  Anatomy by Frank  H. Netter , M.D.  plate 125에서  인용
If your jaw was backward even slightly, your nerves, artery, vein, lymph node ,ganglions are      prevent  their function, so you can suffer
     headache , and facial pain & stiffness. 
 2) Why your nerve function is impaired ?
    - There very thin division of TMJ area & brain their;only 2-3 mm demarcationso very vulnerable  to sudden impact. sometimes boxing players are died during championship, For example  korean Kimduk ku & Mansini of championship, MR. kim duk ku was died 1984 .Because of  He was attacked of dangerous TMJ area by Mansini. Try to see following picture.
       The Clinical Management of  Basic Maxillofacial Orthopedic Appliance by John        W.Witzig/Terrance  J. Spahl   P.38에서  인용

 3) Why TMJ Syndrome produce headach, Tinnnitus,       Hearing loss ?
There very close to TMJ & inner ear so possible to produce TMJ  arthritis &otitis         media There are small ligament TMJ & malleus bone of  inner ear called Pints ligament so         this ligament was going to taut results  in  ear pain & compression of inner ear

              Preventing Tempromandibular Joint By Reda A. Abel-Fattah p.53에서 인용

 4) Neck pain from subluxation of cervical vertebrate
     - Human head weight  is around 4.5Kg - 6 Kg  like volley ball  which balanced by so many         muscles of neck area  The heavy bone is mandible ,  If this mandible is move backed  ,the         balance of weight is also going to back so  head move to front  together neck, following         person are example. This phenomenon  is called homeostasis means automatic balance of         human body  If this unstable cervical vertebrate  lasting long time ,became stiffness of         neck  muscle ,neck pain, neck disc, because of compression of vertebrate artery,also         results in  headaches, shoulder pain&numbness. 
        * New concepts in Craniomanibular and Chronic pain management by Harold Gelb           p.119-120    에서  인용


 5) Why produce pain after meal
When you bite some thing ,you know how much weight of force like vegetable are  20-30       kg meat  40-50kg needed , when you eating, you wonder why there nothing problem , If your       jaw is properly positioned ,scattered of chewing force many direction, but your jaw  is       displace either  right or left  front or back, the force are disperse many direction, that is       much    impact to brain results in  nerve  abnomality of brain.


6) Why you are happy if you are fixed the TMJ syndrome
TMJ treatment is real treatment because of we remove cause of illness  not the symptoms,        if  you are remove cause of illness , NEVER   RECURED !



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